Create Sustainable WoW Employee Experience System




WoW Experience, Engagement, X-data, EX Framework, Employee Lifecycle


When we talk about experience, everyone understands that it has gone beyond the customer's sphere and today the world is talking about the Experience economy. Over the past decade, the creation of personalized experiences has also entered the realm of employees, which has led to the development of employee experience (EX) and it is already a significant corporate priority for many organisations. Without focusing on the employee experience, it is no longer possible to achieve high level of employee engagement. Many companies invest a lot of resources in employee engagement, however, despite this, specific metrics may not be as high as the allocated budget. The problem is that organizations focus on the outcome, which is employee engagement, but not on the cause, which is the employee Experience. Companies that understand the importance of creating a good experience for employees work thoughtfully in this direction and create special mechanisms - EX systems. Only a systematic approach can consistently create a good employee experience, to say nothing of a wow experience. The purpose of the given article is to describe the Employee wow Experience system and reflect the main decisions related to it: (1) What is employee wow experience and why is it important; (2) Categories of the employee's wow experience; (3) Framework for creating the wow experience; (4) Evaluation and motivation scheme for creation the wow experience.


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Author Biography

Nona Karkuzashvili, Professor, Business and Technology University (Georgia)

Dr. Nona Karkuzashvili graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Tbilisi State University, Georgia, and continued her academic pursuits at the same institution, culminating in the acquisition of both an MBA and a Ph.D. in Business Administration.

Presently, Dr. Karkuzashvili holds the esteemed position of Professor at Business and Technology University in Tbilisi, Georgia. She adeptly integrates her substantial academic background with practical expertise, possessing over a decade of professional experience in management consulting, project management, strategy, and organizational development.


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