International Journal of Management and Development Studies

ISSN: 2321-1423 (Print); ISSN: 2320-0685(Online)
Scientific Journal Impact Factor 2017 = 4.005 Indexed in Indian Citation Index (ICI)

Volume 6 / Issue 9

A study of natural disaster on agriculture: A case of drought prone areas in Andhra Pradesh

Anitha. M, M. Swarna Pragathi

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The present scenario of life insurance corporation of India

Ramasamy. K

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Personality fit between mentor and protégé and its impact on effectiveness of formal mentoring of freshers

Sivaramakrishnan. S, P. Mohanraj

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Revenue mobilization by gram panchayats in Karnataka: An economic analysis

Raghavendragoud Patil, R. R. Biradar

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Entrepreneurial obstacles and remedial measures – An empirical study on women entrepreneurs of Karnataka state

Uma S. N, H. N. Ramesh

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Impact assessment of information communication technology and agriculture in selected farm households in Coimbatore district

Parvathi. C

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Social entrepreneurs: Transforming business practices

Chitralekha Kumar, Navneet Kumar

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Street food eating habits in Bangladesh: A study on Dhaka city

Nazrul Islam, Md. Shamsul Arefin, Tasnim Nigar, Syed Nazimul Haque, Kazi Istiak Haq, Md. Tanvir Ahmed Emran, Toufiq Nazrul

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Study of the mall and shopper attributes as antecedents of mall shopping behaviour

Suman Yadav, Sadaf Siraj

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Progress of higher education system in India: Emerging issues and challenges

Ranjana Patil, S. Adi

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Job satisfaction: Factor Analysis

M. B. M. Ismail

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Investment habits of fresh I.T employees in Technopark, Trivandrum

Merlin Ann George, Arun Lawerence

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