International Journal of Management and Development Studies

ISSN: 2321-1423 (Print); ISSN: 2320-0685(Online)
Scientific Journal Impact Factor 2017 = 4.005 Indexed in Indian Citation Index (ICI)

Volume 6 / Issue 8

Ban on Eruthazhuvuthal’s (Bull Embracing) impact over purchasing foreign soft drinks

Kamaraj. K, A. Jayakumar, R. Ramsun

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CRM best practices and customer satisfaction: An empirical case study of commercial banks in Kerala (India)

Linie Darli, R. Vasanthagopal, Suleena V. S

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Neural Network (NN) Approach: Integrated distribution channels and problem of fisherman families

Mohamed Jasim. K, T. Paramasivan

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Expatriate perceptions towards commitment based HR practices: impact on job retention in Indian IT industry

Raghavendra A. N, Nijaguna. G

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Cultural intelligence among working professionals: Role of age and work experience

Bhawana Bhardwaj

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Policy design of national rural livelihood mission (NRLM) - A critical assessment

Abhisek Mishra

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Climate change on crops in drought prone areas in Andhra Pradesh

Anitha. M

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Making ‘Make in India’ a green development project: A social cost-benefit analysis

Manoj Sharma

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Women rights violation through rituals; A comparative study of Dalit and NonDalit women in Tumkur district, Karnataka

Sachin. B. S, Ramesh. B

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Awareness about new media technologies used in classroom teaching among teachers in Indian Higher Education System

Jampala Mahesh Chandra Babu

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The volatility behavior of emerging BRICS stock markets

K. Sivakiran Guptha, R. Prabhakar Rao

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