International Journal of Management and Development Studies

ISSN: 2321-1423 (Print); ISSN: 2320-0685(Online)
Scientific Journal Impact Factor 2017 = 4.005 Indexed in Indian Citation Index (ICI)

Volume 6 / Issue 10

How financial resource management fecilitate educational development in schools? An exploratory study

Dayanandan. R

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Company characteristics and degree of B2C evaluation in Ampara coastal belt (ACB), Sri Lanka

Ismail. M. B. M

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Trends and patterns of poverty in India: an analysis of its factors contributing

Husensab Nadaf, R R Biradar

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Does the analysis of principal components effectively help in determining actual weights for dimensions of an index? An appraisal in Indian context

Debasish Mondal, Subikash Mookherjee, Sanjoy Kumar Pattanayek

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Dynamics of the relation between fiscal deficit, tax revenue and economic growth in Jharkhand

Shruti Priya

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Customer lifetime value creation through customer engagement in social media: A conceptual framework

Abdullah, Sadaf Siraj, Reshma Nasreen

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Consumer satisfaction towards marketing of products in organized retail sector with special reference to Erode district

Samuel Augustina Lata Jayaraj, K. Priya

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Impact of affective commitment on employee turnover intentions

Sethumadhavan. R, C. K. Kotravel Bharathi

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Internal marketing in manufacturing organizations: An exploratory study

Shyam Prasad. S, Shampa Nandi

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Post purchase reaction of urban consumers' on mobile services in West Bengal

Debarun Chakraborty

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Factors influencing customers’ shift to organised retail – A Kolkata based study

Diptendu Simlai, Arindam De

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Service quality variance in hotels: an empirical assessment

Anjum Ara, Mushtaq Ahmad Bhat

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