International Journal of Management and Development Studies

ISSN: 2321-1423 (Print); ISSN: 2320-0685(Online)
Scientific Journal Impact Factor 2017 = 4.005 Indexed in Indian Citation Index (ICI)

Volume 5 / Issue 2

The Effect of Perceived Product Characteristics of Private Label Brand Purchases With Reference to Food and Grocery Items

Sathya. R

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Education and Empowerment of Women in India -Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

Gadawale. H. H, Shivaleela P. Patil

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Moulding Socially Excluded Women to Be Future Leaders through Income Generation Programmes- 4 case studies on HIV/AIDS Infected and Affected Women in Kerala

Velumani. K, Joy V. K

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Recent Developments in India’s Balance Of Payments: An Analysis

Ajit Kadam, H. H. Uliveppa

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Informed Investors and Their Risk Propensity in Capital Markets

V. Shanmugasundaram, Anju Pamod Dubey

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Work Exhaustion and its Impact on Employees’ Organisational Commitment: Study of IT professionals

Parul Yadav, Anshu Yadav

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A Study on Opinion of Working People towards Share Market Investment with Reference to Tiruchirapalli District

Viji. S, S. Akilandeswari

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A Study on Relationship between Internal and External Customer Satisfaction with Special Reference to Aviation Industry in Delhi NCR

Sanjeev Chaturvedi, Chitra

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The Study of Organizational Variables That Influence Organizational Climate in an Indian Manufacturing Organization

Shweta Awasthi, Anshu Yadav

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Social Exclusion of Women in Water Governance: An Experiences of villages

S. Ilavarasi

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A Study on Liquidity and Solvency Analysis of Indian Hotel Industry

K. Ramasamy, M. Jothi

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What is the perspective of the Indian small retailer and 21st century consumer on increased Foreign Direct Investment in multi brand retail? Do they have a unique message for us?

Archisman Sen, Sanjeev Chaturvedi

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