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  Guidelines for Contributors

  1. Manuscript submitted should be original unpublished work and has not been submitted for publication elsewhere.

  2. Manuscript should be in MS Word format. Manuscripts must be double spaced, with 1-inch margins with Times New Roman, Font Size 12, black. The manuscript should not be more than 3000-4000 words.

  3. The first page of the manuscript (cover page) should contain the following information (i) title, (ii) the author(s) name and institutional affiliation(s) of the author(s); (iii) an abstract of not more than 200 words. A footnote on the same sheet should give the name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address of the author(s). The author’s name or affiliations should not appear anywhere else in the body of the manuscript. The actual paper should commence from the second page.

  4. Manuscript Structure: Manuscript should be divided into headed sections (Introduction, Review of Literature, Research Methodology, Results and Discussion, Conclusions and Managerial/Policy Implications, Limitations of the Study and Directions for Future Research) but should not be numbered.

  5. Manuscript should be in good English. The use of editing services is highly recommended to eliminate possible grammatical or spelling errors.

  6. Abbreviations: Any words to be abbreviated should be written in full when first mentioned followed by the abbreviation in parentheses.

  7. Each manuscript will be primarily examined by the editor, and then forwarded to two referees for blind review. 

  8. Acknowledgements and the information on grants received can be given in a footnote, which should not be included in the consecutive numbering of footnotes.

  9. Tables should be numbered consecutively. The title of the table should be placed above the table. Wherever necessary, the source should be indicated at the bottom.

  10. Figures should be numbered consecutively. Wherever necessary, the sources should be indicated at the bottom.

  11. References: Only the cited references should be listed with the surname of the author(s) along with the year of publication, page numbers, in brackets. Reference should be complete in all respects.

    Style for References


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Authors should adhere to publication requirements that: (i) submitted work is entirely original, (ii) is not plagiarized,(iii) has not been published elsewhere, and (iv) if the authors have used the work and/or words of others this has been appropriately cited or quoted.

Articles that do not follow these guidelines are liable for rejection. Referee’s comments will be forwarded if revision is suggested.

Authors will receive one specimen copy of the issue.

Submit your paper as an attachment at along with covering letter.


In accordance with copyright law, the manuscript must be previously unpublished and not duplicate substantial portions of previously published material.

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Permission for Reproduction

 No published article or part thereof should be reproduced in any form without prior permission of the author(s).


The Editorial Board reserves the right to remove the material considered irrelevant. It assumes no responsibility for the views and statements expressed by the authors in their articles.








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